The name Garrucha make me think of a fish, and fittingly its a fishing town. A port with an adjoining town, beach and even a castle. After a couple of days parked at the beach below Mojacar it was time to see some different sites. After a month of not using Lidl it was first on the list. As we pulled up, we wondered why it wasnt open. Not Murphy’s law but Craddocks law it was closed due to a public holiday. We moved on to Garrucha and the marina. Empty when we got there at 10am by 2 pm it was packed. We walked out of town with the dogs to go to Victors, a bar recommended by our friends Kim & Chris. We ordered our coffees followed by a BLT and Nachos. Fantastic food and just what we needed for brunch. Walking back along the promenade we headed into town and stumbled along the holiday festivities. Children dressed in traditional dress and a gigantic Paella, which later we found out was free. The town is a fab place to visit, we even saw this massive cargo ship pull into port, ready to be loaded today with grit, or stone. Last night the fishing vessels came in and we headed down to see if we could get some fish. Funny was the sight of Jason walking along the docks in his shorts and jandals ( it is 18 degrees here), the locals dressed for winter. In he wandered into the fish auction checking out the lobster and fish and everyone smiling at him. Guess its open to the public and not. Leaving empty-handed we headed back to the motorhome and continued to watch 3 french vans circling the parking area in their motorhomes. If you have not met any french motorhomers, you wouldn’t know that. One they like to park together, and two they tend to park super close even when they have loads of room. When a space finally became available next to us. The lady tried to get as close as she could to us, probably so her friends could get in on the other side. She soon moved when I stuck my head out the window, indicating she had loads of room on her side, don’t take our space getting out the door.  The wind last night was gnarly in the marina it was swirling behind us which was the direction it was least expected as it had tall buildings there. It was that strong it nearly pulled our external screen covers off. Having had a restless sleep today we moved to an aire our first paid accommodation of the week, after a shop at Lidl. Mainly German motorhomes and we think owned by a German lady its nice to chill parked up with electric. The surrounding area looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie, barren land with streets that go to nowhere. Unkept footpaths, traffic islands the weeds overflowing onto the road. We think its a sign of the financial crisis where the world has since stood still. It has rained a bit today but im not gonna complain after whats happening with the cold in the Uk and Europe. It’s still 18 degrees here in the heart of winter, so life is good.