I have a photograph of myself standing under a road sign in Italy. It was taken nearly 10 years ago when I was cycling with three friends in Tuscany. In the photograph I am pointing at the sign Siena 8km. I have this WTF look on my face. The joke is we had been cycling for three days when we came across this sign. We were doing about 50km a day and we had started in Siena. Here we were three days later and really no further away from where we started. Yesterday was another of those moments. We are parked up at Vera Playa in a residential street. Its our third night here, a free spot, right on the beach in front of summer apartments and resorts. The guy next to us has been here for two months and knows the area well. After filling us in on where the shops, laundry and dump areas are, we head off in search of the laundry. About a km down the road we saw the Mercadona supermarket we walked past two days ago when we stayed at the German owned aire up in the hills. A further km down the road I said to Jason “I’m sure that’s the roundabout and block of shops where Victors Bar is”, on the edge of Garrucha. And there it was Victors bar and our laundry all a short distance from where we had been days before. So its safe to say all roads lead to Victors bar……..  Today we walked the 12km return to Villaricos as we had heard they had a fab sunday market. Walking along the cycle paths that lined the main road we headed into Villaricos centre. The market lined the main street and went for what seemed miles. Stall after stall of clothes, shoes and scarves, followed by fruit and veg vendors. Mobile cheese stands and salami hanging from above. At least three mobile chicken rotisserie vans and fresh churros with hot chocolate dipping sauce. I stopped for bread and the biggest pan cacao and pan raisin for breakfast. Jason ordered Churros sprinkled in sugar and dipping chocolate. And we finished off by getting fresh kalamata olives and oranges, before walking back out of the town. Its been a cheap week, only paying for one nights accommodation. Spending just over €140 and that includes a meal out, a food shop and various things from the China shop. Tomorrow we are hoping to head to Aguilas after putting in some fuel, the first in over a week…. the weather here has been warm with showers, and bursts of sunshine. Enough to charge the batteries and brighten up the day.