Today we arrived in Ivrea after a night each in Cherasco & Mango. Cherasco was a beautiful town with loads of history, dominated by its churches and archways. We parked at a free sosta with what looked like a fairground group. A short walk to town and fresh limone gelato, perfect on the hot italian day.  The next morning I went to the shop for bread and water only to discover the milk vending machine. Its the first one of those I’ve seen. Standing in the carpark, I wonder how much it gets used. We drove onto Mango a tiny little village surrounded by vineyards. Our hosts for the night the owners of La Trava. The most stunning view parked on a balcony overlooking the vineyards and valleys below. Parked up between a Danish and Swedish couples. We all had the best view in town. Our host Maria was hilarious with her part Italian/ English translations. She really was a great host and so very Italian with her gestures. Over an hour of wine tasting resulting in another bottle of wine to take away. Today we drove to Ivrea, 2 hrs north of Mango. We freaked out upon getting here as we though we are in an environmental zone, our sat nav having an extreme moment. Resulting in us having a meltdown on whether we should be here or not. Lucky we think we are just out, if not a penalty may be awaiting us as we get home. A stunning park sits before us, on the edge of a slalom canoe course on the river. The view is snow-capped mountains, the town and castle and then the river in the forefront. The park is full of family’s and people chilling in the Italian heat. Under trees, kicking balls around and sunbathing. I think tomorrow will be a day chilling out under the trees watching the river and day flow by.