On friday we bid farewell to our lovely host of two days out of Zagreb. It was great learning about the family, culture and food of the region. They even answered a few questions we had as to why the cladding was not finished on the buildings. Apparently you don’t pay tax on it. Our hosts greeted us with a hearty plate of cured pork, cheese and bread. Grown and treated by themselves. The local bread guy stops off once a day to deliever the softest, large loaves of bread just outside the gate. The drive to the Hungarian border was pretty, fields of poppies colouring the landscape. We stopped 50km out and bought a month vignette for just over €30. We hit the border crossing and we pulled up. The guy in front getting his boot searched. I greeted the guy and said “how do you say good morning “, to which he replied “Dobar dan”. In my senior moment I say to Jas ” oh they have the same greeting”. Next thing he tells me to move to the next stop 10 metres away. The Hungarian border police. Oops was still in Croatia. The Hungarian border police are thorough, passports, vehicle documents, the usual questions no one else inside. So here we are in Hungary, parked at an aire at Lake Balaton. A huge lake 4km wide and 75km long. The hosts here are so sweet, an older couple. They speak no english and a little german. They are trying every day with English, just as I am in Hungarian. So far i can say Thank you (kosonumb) and Hello (souvouse) to which the gentleman smiles every time. I think he’s impressed we are trying. Jas google translated if there was a laundry in town, to which they replied no but we could use theirs for a small price. Two loads later and all hung out, the lady was asking in a sign language we have both developed if i was watching the royal wedding. It was hilarious she did a curtsey and pulled out her apron and mimicked a crown. Bless her she is so sweet. Later that day she turned up with homemade cheese scones. This is what i love, no campsites the local stuff. The local shop is a hub of activity, i arrived yesterday morning to get bread. Imagine a tiny corner shop, fruit stands, full on meat counter with salami & cheeses. And bread and pastries in every shape, flavour and size. The 3kg round loaf are massive. Imagine bear hugging something, that’s how round it is. Jas bought me a 1.5 litre of rose wine for €3.50. Now for a tiny shop it has about 40+ people in here shopping, it’s so popular everytime i go in there. So it must be good. The local restaurants are really cheap and we stopped for our €1 coffee each, walking back this morning. We are heading to the other side of the lake tomorrow to see the thermal towns and maybe some baths. Budapest is on the list Jason has already looked up where to get his 1.5kg of Snitzel from this famous shop on the outskirts.