I’m in bliss parked up at a wellness centre, just out of Kesztheley. Its our second night here parked up under a cherry tree in grass fields. Its everything you imagine, peaceful surroundings, with a pool, sauna and spa. Massages are €15 for half hour so very reasonable. A yoga retreat is here at the moment, run by a lady called Andy. Shes Hungarian but lives in England. Two of her students Mark and Gillian from the UK welcome me to their class today. It’s just what I needed out in the grass and fresh air. An hour and a half of relaxation, stretching and yoga. The heat of the day about 27 degrees. A swim afterwards as I did yesterday a refreshing reward. Before here we were in a campsite in the town of Keszthely. A beautiful town with a very impressive palace. Open on the public holiday, the grounds beautiful and the crowds not so huge. It’s a stunning place to visit. We walked the town, stopping for crushed ice lemonade and finally getting to the ATM machine via a very complicated swipe system. Its funny the trains behind the campground louder than when we were parked at the aire, which was directly behind us. The mosquitos here are large but the ants larger. In yoga today i managed to put my mat right on a nest and next thing im swarmed by them. Flicking them off left right and centre. The cuckoos, such a regular sound now. Im yet to see one. The lake a short walk from behind us and cycle paths all around, it’s an active persons dream. I could really get used to this everyday, out in the outdoors soaking up the world. The dogs have had a game of frisbee, curled up in their beds outside as we sit outside chillaxing. Here for another day and then onto Heviz. The only place in the world you can swim in the mineral dense thermal lake. Hungary famous for its thermal baths its something im looking forward to.