It’s a sweltering 27 degrees here 3km from Hevis. Parked up in the countryside overlooking the town of Hevis below. Known for its high mineral, thermal lake we are off into town early tomorrow before it gets to hot. We left our stop at the wellness centre this morning, having stayed 4 nights. Its been so hot and humid the weather finally broke yesterday. We had walked into Keszthely or the outskirts of it looking for the TESCO we had heard was there. The day before we took the wrong road and ended up back at McDonald’s for breakfast. Two McMuffins, coffees and hash browns for the bargain price of just over €5. Food here is so incredibly cheap it gives Spain a run for its money. So yesterday Tesco was the destination. After finally walking there, down a main road with no footpaths. I went inside to check it out leaving Jas outside with the dogs. 15 mins later the heavens opened and people stood in the doorway waiting for it to clear. I spotted Jas and the dogs under the sheltered bike racks. Making my way over there, the thunder, lightning and tremendous downpour kept coming. So heavy we witnessed a bit of a smash in the car park, at first I thought the car had been struck by lightning. The roads under water in minutes. We decided to head to the Nike outlet store across the retail park and from this moment we were soaked. Standing outside we got talking to a german lady who now lives 4km away. We discussed how cheap it is to live here. We had looked up house prices and you could by a 4 bed house, 2 bath with land for €139,000 in Kesztheley. But also there are some for €50,000 about 20 minutes away. Food and alcohol is also cheap, bread rolls are about 4 pence each and I bought a bottle of rose for €1.10 and that’s in Tesco not a cheaper supermarket. The rain was not stopping so we just decided to try to walk the 4km back, hopefully without getting struck by lightning. As we walked along the main road the sheer volume of water was hard for trucks to avoid. Just out of a comedy i got showered from head to toe, completely drenched now and in ankle-deep water most of the way we headed back. True to form the wellness centre in sight the sun came out…. I kid you not it stayed fine for the rest of the day. We contemplated moving our motor home over as a mud puddle had formed outside the entrance door. Our German neighbours saying stay put as one moved in behind us getting stuck in the mud and digging it up with his wheels. Today we counted our lucky stars we got out in one go and headed to the retail centre. Buying myself a new pair of Nike trainers for £30/ €34 a bargain as my others are soaked and nearly worn through. My second pair since leaving the UK 7 months ago. Proves the 100s of kilometres we have walked. Monday we head towards Veszprem and onto Budapest to hopefully catch up with Jason’s cousin for a beer.  As i sit here the sound of horse and cart go along the road and the sight of an old-fashioned telephone box at the end of the drive. Cornfields planted and cherry trees ripening….. whats not to love about Hungary