IMG_5641[1]Leaving Lublin on Monday we headed to Majdanek concentration camp, 5km down the road. It was a Monday so the exhibitions were closed but you could walk the site and enter some of the areas, free of charge. Always a sombering experience, especially seeing one of the buildings, filled with thousands of pairs of shoes. We left and decided that we would head for a campsite about 40 mins away in Bochotnica Kolonia. It’s a lovely site / pension with a sauna, hot tub and loads of horses, goats and a bull. The weather was due to thunderstorm in Warsaw so we chilled for two days, loading our USB full of CSI episodes. We bought the 8GB USB at the onsite shop, a bit of everything hardware shop for €4 and a fly swat for 50c. The flies were driving Zoey nuts, must have been the country air. The swatter ended up being worse and she would end if in someones lap. Today we drove to Warsaw a 3.5 hour drive. It was only 158km but the road works were 90% of that. Highways left right and centre, Poland’s definitely got jobs in roading, the new highways being built are mint and to be honest the inner city roads of Lublin had us bouncing around all over.

We have just arrived in Warsaw. We are staying at a guarded car park that is 30 zolty a night (under €7). It’s a 10 min walk to the old town and 2 min walk to the Fort. A quick walk in today for ice cream and to get a map. The squares filled with violinists and accordion players. I could have sat for hours listening. Tomorrow a good look around. Warsaw is definitely one of those cities that surprise you, its stunning. Full of colour, rich in history and of course tourists.