IMG_5660[1]Today is our 3rd day in Warsaw. We are literally minutes from the old town and its stifling hot at 30 degrees. Yesterday we joined another free walking tour of the old town. It’s a great way to get the history of the place, rather than just looking at buildings. These are great for us as we see so many great places, soon they start to blend into one. Warsaw has been mostly rebuilt as 80 % of it was destroyed in the war. It’s brightly coloured buildings rebuilt in the style that they once were, a royal palace in the main square. A huge column with a Polish king on top, apparently a scandal back in the day as it was the highest monument, that wasnt to a saint or roman figure. We met our guide Magda here, and we embarked on a 2 hour walk through the town. Visiting the smallest residence at 2m wide, the palace, and the barbican walls of the city. Warsaw is famous for Chopin, the musician and Marie Currie the scientist. And museums for both of these figures are dotted around the city. As we finished the tour, a crowd was gathering. Draped in red robes, with Jesus on the back and carrying crosses a march/ protest was about to begin. The police had blocked of the main streets and off they set, singing and with loud speakers chanting. Insense burners swinging in the wind drifting the smell down the streets. Magda was asked what was happening. Tourists got photos with the marchers unaware that as Magda put it “Mad religious people who want to crown Jesus the King of Poland”. To be honest at first I  thought it had to do with the a national holiday. But each to their own and it was a peaceful march and added some character to the day. We stopped off in one of the many traditional restaurants for lunch. Jason got the traditional Pierogi (dumplings filled with various fillings, such as mince, cheese, sauerkraut, and mushrooms) and i got Zurek ( sourdough soup, with mushrooms, smoked meat with a side of sausage and egg) Both delicious and cheap.

Today we walked into town briefly as the temperatures hit 30 degrees, its way too hot for dogs. And its times like this i wish we were by the ocean. Poland though has been great so far. Cheap stays, cheap eats and rich in history just how we like it.