Its been two weeks since we entered Poland. Not sure what to expect, its definitely under rated. Some of the things we like and love are

  1. It’s cheap to stay, Aires are cheap generally under €10 a night, most averaging about €6-8. Wild camping is also tolerated.
  2. It’s cheap to get groceries, like most countries it has Lidl, Carrefour, Auchan and a few of their own like Biedronka and Lewiatan
  3. Fuel is everywhere and averages about 499 PLN or near a £1 a litre for diesel
  4. LPG/ Autogas is at nearly every petrol station, and a lot of cars seem to run off it
  5. Eating out, especially local cuisine such as Pierogi (dumplings) and Zurek (sourdough soup) is cheap and reasonable.
  6. The roads are mint, im talking 80% of the roads are in such good condition and so many are getting built its unbelievable. The roads are also a lot like america, long straight stretches.
  7. On the new roads, so many massive flash hotels in the middle of no-where.
  8. Entry into museums, exhibits is reasonable at usually €3-6 each.
  9. Free walking tours in most major cities, a great way to learn the history and pay by donation at the end. Highly recommend.
  10. The churches in every village are unique and stunning, each so different from the last in shape, size and style.
  11. Poland’s quite flat, and most land is agricultural. Fields of wheat and corn everywhere.
  12. Streets in villages are wide, compared to places like France, Spain and Italy.
  13. Poland has loads of lakes and rivers, and that’s where we are parked right now.
  14. Cured meats, sausages and pickled veg are a staple here.
  15. The history, although a lot of it is sad, its pretty amazing what has been preserved to teach others.
  16. The polish people are pretty friendly and a lot speak english.
  17. They like dogs a lot more than other countries and so many come up to pat our two.
  18. Public transport is cheap and available in most cities.
  19. In smaller towns, the local bus is like a people carrier and we once pulled into a bus stop, to look at the Sat Nav. An older lady tried to open our door and banged on the side of the van to get in. Dont know how she got it so wrong. But a good thing we had locked the back door. Otherwise the dogs would be giving her a heart attack.
  20. The weather has been a mix of extreme heat (Jun 33 degrees) and rain (July 12 degrees), but I guess its how it keeps so green.
  21. Their street signs are quite funny and im talking about the picture ones. Like the man getting bowled over by a car. I’m assuming that’s watch out for pedestrians
  22. Motor homing is welcome, yet we hardly see any motorhomes.
  23. Car parks that have 24hr guard and are cheap to stay at in cities.
  24. The Polish are great at flashing their lights to let you know of a speed camera guy near by.

Things we don’t like so much

  1. Laundromats are hard to come by.
  2. Money machines, charge you a fees, no matter what currency you pay in.
  3. Speed cameras, everywhere and that includes the guys with their speed guns
  4. The distance between places can be a 3 hour plus drive as there might only be one road, used by everyone.
  5. Speed limits in some towns are 30-40km, so it can take a while to get anywhere

So if you are looking for a great destination, with a great price tag, with loads to see and do. Poland is a must, especially if you have a motorhome.