IMG_5720[1]This is our 4th day in the city of Lomza. We are parked at the port for a cheap €8 a night including electric. The river Narew flowing in front of us, with views over to the township of Piatnica and its Church of Transformation. The first night we were here it was just us and we thought wow, it must not be well-known. The second night we laughed as 11 motorhomes pulled up in a short succession,  and three campers with tents. The last to arrive, took the last spot below us and arrived about 8.30pm. They unpacked their car and dog and then went about putting up their tent. Instructions out, this was obviously their first time putting it up and hour later and now dark, they slept in the front seats of their car as they couldn’t figure it out. They left before light the next morning. Yesterday we did a bigger walk around the city it has everything you need including a tesco extra and lidl. We started at the old jewish cemetery 300 metres down the road from where we are at the port. At first it just looks like rocks on an unmown hill. But a closer look you can see the carvings on a lot of them. Lomza was a ghetto town in the days of Nazi rule and until 1941 almost half of Lomzas population were Jews. The earliest document with the naming of Lomza dates back 600 years of this year. So the city has a lot of historical banners up and as you walk around you can read the history of a lot of the buildings. Today we walked 1km over the bridge and along the main road out of Lomza to Piatnica. We wanted to look at the forts, but the temperature was hitting 27 degrees and there is no shade. It also is a bit out of Piatnica,  quite an industrial town. So we turned back seeking shade. Zoey had a swim in the river, which has no swimming signs for people, but none for dogs. I’ve finally learnt one word in Polish, (gin-queer) is how its said but not written and means thank you. The lady at the port was laughing as she is trying to teach me. 9 months in and so many countries, maybe I should just study language’s. Tomorrow we head north towards the lakes, and then Gdansk and Hitlers Wolf’s Liar. Then south to towards Poznan and Wroclaw almost doing a full circle in Poland.