Tonight we are parked up at Hitlers Wolf’s Lair. We are literally a couple of hundred metres away. Its set up for Motorhomes, caravans and campers. And for 80 PLN (€18.37) that includes entry for two, parking and a nights accommodation parking. So pretty reasonable. Set out over quite a distance it is mainly mostly destroyed remains of his buildings. But you could see that in its day it would have been impressive. Mainly concrete structures, they were pretty well hidden amongst the surrounding forestry. There are a few buildings near the end that have some military vehicles in them and you can have tank rides here. Dogs are allowed in which is a bonus, but there are many signs saying not to go off the tracks due to landmines. Most of the signage is in either Polish or German so it’s a little hard to know what everything is. But near the beginning there is one information board about the failed assassination attempt on Hitler on the 20/7/1944, by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and Leutenant von Haeften which is in english. It’s worth a visit, and quite popular with a steady flow of tourists.



The drive here today had several signs for watch out for moose, im gutted we didn’t see one. But again love their road signs. Yesterday we drove to Gizycko. Not sure what to expect we arrived in the town and at a campsite by the entry into the lake. We missed the turn in, as we found most people do as it looks like the back entrance into a motel. Parked up we ventured into town, mainly to look for a laundromat, something Poland is seriously short of. As we left the swing bridge was open for the boats and closed for vehicles and pedestrians. We walked down to the nearest pedestrian bridge to see the steady flow of boats, going into and out from the smaller to the larger lake. It’s an impressive sight as the town pretty much sits on the banks of the canal, everyone watching them take turns in and out. The swing bridge is one of two in Europe and nearly every second hour it closes to allow the passage of boats. As we headed for the big lake you see why. Hundreds of sailing vessels all over the lake. It’s obviously a big thing here in Poland with the amount of lakes and canals. The other thing that is big are the mosquitos, they nail you constantly. Gizycko is a lovely town, we walked down to the water tower and I took the lift up for the views out over the town and lake. We walked down to the marina, where there is also a beach. Which to me is a bit of sand. As a beach to me has ocean not lake. The marina allowed us to do our laundry at the unbelievable price of €10 PLN (€2.30) that’s washing and drying. A bit of a queue, but hey I managed to do it and its so cheap. As we have travelled its interesting seeing where motorhomes and caravans come from. In the last couple of days its been Finnish caravans and loads of german motorhomes. And a couple of Lithuanians, we havent seen any english for a long time, and we now are only about 20 km from Kaliningrad a part of Russia. As Hitler didn’t have WiFi im struggling to upload any more photos here.  But you can check some out on Instagram and the Facebook page. Tomorrow off in the direction of Gdansk.