church in Pienienzo
This is our second day in the city of Elblag about an hours drive south east from Gdansk on the northern coast of Poland. We left the wolf’s Liar on sunday and set of towards an aire in Pienienzo. It started out good, pretty much running parallel to Kaliningrad. Then the roads took a dramatic turn. All the time we have been in Poland the roads have been fab, till we headed to Pienienzo. Not only were they the most patched roads they had potholes for Africa. It was nuts. The bit they had then resealed to a decent surface became as wide as a single lane road with a decent drop to gravel each side. So any vehicle coming towards you then had to either swerve into the ditch or you did. Nerve wracked and shaken to pieces we arrived at the most stunning aire. Run by an older couple and their daughter. Set in a field surrounded by trees, lakes and bird life. They provided all the services, made sure we were alright and even knitted us a doily to take away. The sweetest family and so worth the bumpy ride. The town of Pienienzo, mainly made up of churches was nice for a wander, but not much was open. Again we seem to find the public holidays, usually when we need food. Monday we waved off the owners of the aire and headed for the city of Elblag. At another site run by an older couple. This place is awesome, full kitchen, showers, washing machines and pitches right on the river. It even has a toaster, something I havent had since we left 9 months ago. But much to my disappointment this morning it didn’t work, no toast………..The site we are on is only 500 metres to the old town, full of what i think is art nouveau style buildings and churches. It’s pretty to walk around and has been renovated to look like this since the 1980’s. Tomorrow we head on to Gdnask and then we start our journey down towards Malbork, Torun, Poznan, Wroclaw and then into the Czech Republic.