Yesterday we drove to Gdansk, the port town of Poland. We stayed at an aire by a sports park. Only a 3km walk and you are in the city. The first think you notice is their awesome railway station. The buildings especially the roof decorated with birds, points and clocks. As you go further in, past the watermill, a pointed triangle house on the river. The town hall is grand and the fountain of Neptune in front. The golden gate, even though it isn’t golden and the green gate with its four arches line both ends of the square. The river front stunning and an old sailing ship, travels up and down past the wooden building called the crane. Its set into the riverfront buildings and stands out due to its unique look. The armory building is definitely stunning and has gold all over various statues on the front. It’s a lovely place to visit, but has the most tourists we have seen in a while. The humidity yesterday was set to bring thunderstorms, but it barely rained last night. This morning we left early and headed the 18km down the road to Westerplatte. The ruins of army barracks and the memorial that stands where World War II started on September 1st 1939 at 4.45am. The memorial is a huge carved structure and is surrounded on the hill by thousands of rose bushes. The smell is stunning and even though it was overcast and rainy. I still managed to get a few photos. The Baltic sea behind where we parked. Under renovation we were unable to put our feet in the sand. IMG_5912[1]As the day was early we drove to Malbork and are currently parked across from the castle in an aire. Malbork Castle the largest brick castle in the world, is just that large. originally built by the Teutonic knights a german, roman catholic order of crusaders. Originally built-in the 13th century it was mostly destroyed in World War II and has been recently renovated. We walked the outside of the castle today and along the river. Jason might do the tour of the castle tomorrow as it can take up to 4 hours. Its been three weeks since we came into Poland and its gone so fast. So many places to visit but we feel we have covered a great deal as we head south…….