IMG_6991[1]IMG_7004[1]IMG_7007[1]IMG_7010[1]Yesterday we drove to Bamburg and a busy little aire on the edge of the old town. Taken over by the Italians. It was 90% Italian, 9% German and us. The italians love a good party so they had a bit of a shin dig around us last night. Yesterday we headed into the old town and over the famous bridge that houses the town hall on the water. Decorated with frescoes on the outside and carvings over the archways. Its stunning. We wandered along the river to little Venice and saw the wonky houses on the river front. All the shops were closed for a public holiday, cafes being the only place to stop. We wandered up to the Domberg and market square outside. Tour groups everywhere. We decided to wander back over to our side of the river and Jas stopped for a piece of pizza, whilst i listened to a guitar busker on the bridge. Jas said should we tip him, and I said yeah he was really good. It turns out this guys called John and he’s a kiwi. Not only that he used to have a boat on the wade river, not far from us. How small is the world ah! We chatted for a while and headed back to the motor home. This morning we got up to leave and got chatting to this cool Italian couple, who seem to have travelled everywhere. Its great meeting people of different cultures and seeing them passionate about the same things that you are. They told us about going to Sicily and possibly being able to pick grapes under the moonlight. Something that is booked out regularly. Donna forgetto the lady said, she laughed as i said “don’t forget”, either way its something like that. We set off, first stop fuel. Oh no the light comes on and its 20km to the nearest fuel station. Panic as we literally just made it, the painstaking price of €1.53 a litre on the motorway. Typical the day you dont want it you pass 30 stations, today nothing. We arrived in Wurzburg, parked up at an aire on the river. The old town a short walk. We walked down the  Alte Mainbrucke bridge that crosses over, decorated with large statues. River boats travelling past. We did a bit of a circuit and ended up at the Residenz and its stunning gardens. Much like a palace with manicured hedges, rose gardens and cherubs. After our circuit of the old town we crossed over and headed to the Fortress Marienberg. We have been to a few now, but this is huge and well-kept. It dominates the other side of the river surrounded by vineyards on every empty surface. Another hot day 30 degrees and now we are so used to it. It feels warm rather than unbearable. Off towards Frankfurt way tomorrow and in search of the Mosel River and some good wine.

Residenz Wurzburg
overlooking the old town in Wurzburg
fortress in Wurzburg