IMG_7733[1]It’s a beautiful hot day here in Semur-En-Auxois in France. Its our second day here in the stunning medieval town. We stumbled upon this place by complete accident. We were 40 mins from our destination when we could see it in the distance. We stopped to take a photo and Jason looked up if there was an aire here. Through the cobbled streets we arrived a free aire on the edge of town. A small walk from a couple of supermarkets, a laundromat and the old town. We found the tourism office and got a map for today, before i set off to do 10 days worth of washing. The old town here is picturesque, the river clear and reflecting with the Le pont Pinard (Pinard bridge) sitting below. The gateway into the town dating back to the 15th century. The heat of the day reflecting last night as we have had a few chilly ones in Les Riceys. We stayed at a fab Champagne vineyard, the owners lovely and accommodating. I finally went for a champagne tasting on the second night. Rose my favourite and cheap at €16 a bottle. The owner was so sweet, thanking me and shaking my hand as I left. I highly recommend the stop, great champagne, free water and electric.  The town In Les Ricey was quaint and all the buildings made of white brick. Not many shops just a Spar,  patisserie and pharmacy. We saw a beautiful old Chateau style building for sale, to big for us. But it gets you thinking, could I live in a quaint village in France. We walked the 900 metres to the next town, the one we nearly got stuck in the day before. Again apart from its grand church nothing else but white brick houses with painted shutters. This week we hope to make it to Beaune and its surrounding areas. Before doing the Napoleon route towards Italy. Hoping to do the route we couldn’t do in April as it was snowing in the Alps.IMG_7709[1]