Beaune market day
French passion
Canal cruising 
What more can you ask for Pinot Noir and Rose in the fridge. Help yourself to the stocked fridge on this fab french passion stop. The owner providing an amazing experience. We are parked up between windbreaker hedges on this free stopover. The owner providing free water and electric. A playground for the kids and a stocked wine fridge for the adults. In the heart of the Bourgogne region I sit drinking a glass of Pinot Noir from the bottle I’ve purchased here. Its something that if you like wine and you motor home, I highly recommend. The owner likes to remain to himself, but I had to ask where we could unload our waste. He kindly directed us, luckily by now I speak enough french to ask him the right questions. This morning we came from Beaune and another free camperstop just on the edge of the old town. Many a motor home parked up at its peak probably about 35-40 of them. Yesterday was market day and the town was packed with locals and tourists alike. It was like something out of Antiques roadshow crossed with the traditional french market stalls of fresh produce. A busy place compared to the quiet town we had come from Vandenesse-En-Auxois. We spent friday night parked on the canal. The riverboats parked in front dropping off their mainly american passengers, after cruising up and down the river. A busy cycle path passing behind us. A great way to see the countryside. A short 5km walk up to the town of Chateauneuf a beautiful french town perched on the small mountain in the distance. We walked up and around the town checking out the beautiful views and gorgeous old houses the village contained. Back down to the canal and the mayor arrived at about 6pm to collect the fees for parking with electric for the night. Our first paying night in 9 nights and a meer €6, for the magnificent view over the canal at night. I love people watching and a dutch Concorde arrived ( its like a huge RV) towing a trailer with a car on it. Definitely was not going to fit in the space on the canal. It didn’t stop him trying though, another motorhomer telling him to park in the field behind. He then got out a 50m power cord to plug-in across the cycleway. I had to laugh when the mayor charged him as well. But he was taking the electric and his wife argued with him that he should park on the canal. He simply wasnt going to fit, and she was one angry woman at her husband. France definitely allows you to see its beauty within its small little towns. The weather has been lovely through the day, the sun shining and the skies clear. The nights cooler with a touch of frost. Thank goodness for a new set of batteries and solar panels. The life of a freedom camper……