IMG_7822[1]IMG_7855[1]IMG_7837[1]IMG_7828[1]IMG_7850[1]The view out our window is of a private castle up on the hill above Cremieu. The alps are in the distance and we really aren’t to far away from Switzerland or Italy. The drive today was rather bland and boring until we crossed the Rhone. The light green water a sign you are near the alps. Cremieu a medieval town with walled rampants that stretch for miles. The old town with its three-arched gateways, and the beautiful wooden and slate market hall. Hanging baskets full of flowers hanging on the outside. The remains of the old weighing system still there with its polished wood and stone. The market is on tomorrow so we might pop down to soak in the funfare. The old town has the Convent des Augustins and its arched courtyard. The walk around town with everything numbered and with plagues explaining the buildings. We climbed the slate walkway up to Enceinte de St Hippolyte and looked at the magnificent views of Cremieu below. It’s a stunning town with a free car park to stay the night. Tonight the private castle looking down upon us . Yesterday we travelled to a free aire not far from Macon. It had everything minus electric and was on a slight slope. But a supermarket less than 500 metres away with my favourite washing machines. I spent this morning catching up on washing. It is the second time in a week that ive gone to the supermarket to buy bread, only to find that day they don’t bake bread. I must have a beacon saying I need bread and deflecting all supermarkets. I think this is why the local Boulangerie ( bakery) are so popular. We noticed the front of our overhead bed had cracked, probably due to age and sun damage. So Jason spent yesterday repairing it with plastic trim. I had sent him in with my card and he put my card pin in wrong so we had to find somewhere to use an ATM to reload it. Luckily we found LPG(GPL) and an ATM at Auchan on the way from Macon. Tomorrow we head into the alps and down towards the Napoleon trail towards Italy.