IMG_7865[1]IMG_7868[1]IMG_7881[1]IMG_7887[1]IMG_7891[1]The backdrop of beauty is the French Alps, out the window the Alps surround us. The cow bells hanging around their necks ringing. The shepherd dog guarding its flock of sheep and goats. Friendly he comes out on the road to meet us. Snow only a splatter on the tips in the distance. We are parked up along from The Mairie (council office) and its worth the €6 a night for electric, hot showers and the view. We sit on the Col de La Morte at an altitude of 1370m. The winding drive up of a series of hairpins, hardly another vehicle in sight. We over took a group of cyclists tackling the climb up. They were impressive and not young I might add. One lady we met, having a rest at the top, we passed her on the way up. Putting on her wind breaker after a drinks break she headed back down. I aspire to be that fit at that age. A hiking group emerges from of the nearby Col. Again not young and they did not look tired or out of breath. They rested and then headed off on the bus, to who knows where. There are three campers here and tomorrow we are going to hike a trail or two. Today we wandered up to the cascade (waterfall) not far, but enough to take in some in fresh air. Yesterday we travelled from Cremieu to Sassenage. We had visited the early morning market, buying fresh eggs, olives, oranges, and bits of vegetables. Again no plastic just brown paper bags and you are expected to bring your own. My kind of place. The drive to Sassenage at the foot of the Alps. Absolutely beautiful the water of the alps an aqua green and blue. Enticing for the dogs they were in for a swim. We walked to the centre, past a grand Chateau. Down a side street we saw a sign for the Grotto les Cuves and headed up the mountain. The path shingle and with the autumn fall of leaves we arrived at a cave. The lights on visible from the outside. We rounded the corner and looked down into the grotto. Lit up the water sparkling back. Closed due to needing a guide we took a quick look inside and headed back down. The warm day reaching 22 degrees, you wouldn’t believe its October in the Alps. The aire we stopped at was full by 4pm, a great spot on the edge of a park and river. You can stay for free for 48 hours. It’s a spot that many stay at crossing over the alps to and from Italy. We hope to head to Gap on saturday and then heading towards Cuneo in Italy early next week.