IMG_7922[1]IMG_7945[1]IMG_7965[1]From one set of Alps to another. We are now in Italy about 4km over the border. The quaint town on Pietraporzio sits opposite us. Dwarfed by the huge alps above it, the fog rolls in over the top. The weather here so far has been cloudy but fine. The last two days in Gap were showery. Part of the reason this blog is late. No power and my laptop was flat due to Jason watching tv off it. We left La Morte on saturday morning, what a stunning place to spend a couple of days. We hiked several routes overlooking Le Desert and down over La Morte. Many closed off with electric fences as the animals grazed on the slopes. A mini disaster as we left. Jason dropped the lid of the liquid washing powder into the toilet cassette. Thank goodness it was empty, but we weren’t sure if the cap had come out or was stuck in there. Today we found it, so slight Macgyver emergency over. The drive took us past a stunning lake and we pulled over for the photo opportunity. Driving to Gap was as expected super hilly and largely downhill. So demanding on the brakes, thank goodness for gears. The descent into Gap was about 12 %. The city was busy as we arrived and even as we left today, it seemed like never-ending traffic jams. Parked up at a free aire, we parked next to a dutch couple we had met about two days previously, they laughed as we pulled up. I promised them we weren’t stalking them. Two days of showers and really overcast days left us, thinking should we go early over the alps or stay put. We stayed put catching up on washing and chilling out. A house party on saturday night rocked the apartment building behind us. The neighbours all out on their balconies, obviously not happy at the noise. Thankfully it ended at 11pm, leaving us to sleep for the rest of the night. Setting off this morning we bade farewell to our dutch neighbours and headed on the journey up towards Italy. The Col de Val at 2109 metres was hard going on the engine. Stopping for photos at points, to give the engine a rest. The view, slightly foggy and chillier at the top. The 10% descent was nail-biting, and we definitely wouldn’t want to be doing any of that in winter. Pure drops off the mountain, narrow and winding in parts. We passed several ski resorts and then headed down 18 hairpin bends. Trucks ascending up, to be honest we actually wondered how they managed some of the hairpins. Barriers bent or destroyed, it was tight for us. Let alone their length. Into Italy and the flocks of sheep and shepherds high up on the Col. The descent started to Pietrapozio. A picturesque town sits in front of us, its church in the background, the sound of a waterfall runs beside us. Tomorrow we travel along the river to Cuneo. A place we have been before but love. The grand market is on tomorrow its the biggest market we have ever seen. Jas wants pizza again, so square-shaped pizza slices here we come. The french alps have been stunning, we love to hike and it didn’t disappoint. The weather warm for October and im sure in a couple of weeks all that we have seen will be covered in snow. Adding another set of beauty to it.