IMG_8007[1]IMG_8012[1]IMG_8004[1]We arrived in Cuneo on Tuesday morning. The drive from Pietraporzio was beautiful and a gradual decline. Only an hour its a really nice drive. We had to do a loop around the city to avoid the emission zone. And once again missed the turn into the car park. Tuesday was market day, as we already knew, so the carpark was rammed, as we arrived at 9am. I started talking to an Italian guy who was leaving so we got his spot ahead of others that were parked up outside the aire. Hooked up to electric, it was suddenly clear that some vehicles had been here before. Long termers, people who were here 7 months ago, taking advantage of a free aire with electric. 72 hours max parking they sometimes leave after that and other times we think they don’t. Wrecking it for all the foreign visitors to the town, who actually put money into the economy. Who give up waiting for a space to become free. Even a french lady parked up in a van with a caravan, aires don’t usually allow this. Its like she has taken over as the matriarch of the aire, soon this will become a gypsy site. The long termers are friendly enough, but their dogs shit everywhere, and are not on a leads. They have all their stuff spread out, it’s now a bit of an eyesore. Sad really as we think soon they will have to charge, to maintain this once great aire. The longtermers apparently ordered out nearly two weeks ago under protest. A german lady comes up to us and says, “you were here before”. I suddenly realise that in april she had been parked up on the other side of us. We talked for a while and she said, about the long termers. We decided to head to the market again, getting fresh vegetables for the soup I made today. Stopping for coffee, in our favourite cafe. Cheap at €1.30 a cup. I managed to order in Italian. It’s a cute little cafe off the main drag, dog bowl outside. Cobbled streets with balconies overhanging, typical italian streets. Walking back to the motorhome we had lunch and then headed off to the supermarket in the nearest town, over the river. Last time we were here the snow was on the mountains and the river was a flow of rapids. Yesterday it was barren mountains and no river flow, what a contrast to 7 months ago. Today we walked the 7.4 km return trip to Lidl along the river bed and up through the outskirts of town. Walking back through the centre and along the covered walkways in front of the buildings. Talking to our italian neighbours they are from Florence and touring around with their two small boys. It’s great they speak pretty good english and understand my little italian. In the supermarket today the guy behind me started talking in Italian to me. To which my reply was ” non parlo italiano”( i dont speak italian), he smiled and said oh you dont speak italian. ” capisco”( do you understand) he says. i reply ” parlo un po” ( i speak a little). My mission is to integrate myself as much as possible with the language. If this means buying children’s books to learn the language. It will be simple conversation for a while. It’s funny how you use words of other languages in everyday chat. Such as excusi moi ( excuse me) in french and mi escusi ( excuse me) in italian which isn’t far off. Tomorrow is planning day as the weather is set to turn. Planning or trip south towards Piza, Tuscany , Rome , Naples and down towards Sicily