img_0867img_0875img_0851img_0861img_0855After three days at a stellplatz in Geisingen, Germany. The payment machine was out-of-order when we got there, so only paid for two out of three days. A fab place close to a supermarket and lots of forestry. On the second day we drove to Bad Durhiem to a laundry place. A man in his 80’s came out to help in his jeans with braces. He was so sweet, giving change for the machines. It was a busy place. After driving back to Geisingen we parked up. The winds have been wild. Trees are down everywhere and this became more evident as we drove towards France this morning. The drive through the black forest would be stunning if not for the rain and wild wind gusts. Now in Eguisheim France we are parked up at Domaine Antoine Stoffel, a french passion stop. I’ve bought a bottle of Pinot Noir and paid for electric, so a bargain stay. 500 metres to the old town. Eguisheim a gorgeous Alsace village formed in two circles, one inside the other. The buildings half timber houses, painted and decorated. Being out of season it’s quiet and the streets empty. Decorated with wooden flower boxes, or trees and vines climb the sides. A pretty square holding a fountain and a church with at least 4 stork nests on top. The sun has finally come out with huge rainbows. Tomorrow we head to Colmar and then Strasbourg before heading back into Germany. So many places to visit we are trying to cover a bit in the next two weeks before returning to the UK.