Little Venice
Tanners building
Watering cans and storks
Fishmongers district

If I say it could only happen to us, it would. Yesterday we arrived in Colmar. Parked on the outskirts at a resturant. The weather cold but fine when we arrived. Walking into Colmar about 20 mins away. 5 minutes in it started to snow/ hail. Tiny little hailstones that not only were coming hard and fast. They were hitting us horizontally, we were in a blizzard…… Pelting us in the eyes, the dogs covered and now white. Do you think we could find shelter, ah no. Yes caught in a snow blizzard, soaking wet and freezing cold, we welcomed in Colmar. The beautiful Alsace town, with its little Venice, fishmongers district and half timber houses. The guy who designed the statue of liberty lived in a house here. So there are plaques and sculptures here about him. Shops decorated with watering cans and gingerbread men. Its one of those towns that look like they belong in a fairytale. After half hour we emerged from the short blizzard conditions and in the afternoon the sun came out. Walking the streets there were a few other tourists but not many. We followed the tourist trail at which point I was busting for the toilet. Arriving at the toilet block 50c, we have one 50c coin, other than that notes. It doesn’t take notes. I’m busting more so Jas says, you go first, then when you finish, leave the door open and ill go in. So that’s what we do. I finish, Jas goes in and then the toilet decides to clean. I’m laughing as Jas is like, im glad ive got waterproof shoes, the self-cleaning toilets, thinks you have left so just cleans automatically. Best laugh ive had in days. Today we moved to Kehl over the german border from Strasbourg. Being a green zone Strasbourg leaves us no option to park here, but it’s not far 5km into Strasbourg tomorrow is the plan for Jason’s birthday. I guess I walked 20km on my birthday, so on tradition we should try to do at least 10km for Jason’s.