Parked over the border in Kehl Germany. Not far from the Rhein we are on a fab stellplatz. The river town of Kehl is beautiful, the spring flowers coming out. Strasbourg is a green zone so we couldn’t park there, but to be honest its worth the 12km return walk to Strasbourg. We crossed the Pont De L’Europe bridge over the Rhein. Half way across you are in the middle of Germany and France. The walk in today following the many bike paths that line the city. Our orientation 142m spire of the La Facade de la Cathedrale. Even Jason was impressed with this cathedral as we walked to the entrance. Absolutely amazing, dating back to 1277, it looks like fine lace with its sculptures. As you go to the right side the Le Palais Rohan sitting on the banks of the river. We walked to the La Maison Kammerzell, known as the most beautiful house in Strasbourg. Walking the streets around we came to Les Ponts Couverts ( the covered bridges) and Le Barrage Vauban (The Vauban Dam) finally making our way through La Petite France. As well as the old town, there is a lot of modern building going on. As we walked in we passed almost futuristic looking hotels on the river front. Strasbourg is a city with a lot going for it.

Thursday and Friday we spent in the lovely french city of Luneville. Parked at a cheap but 10/10 aire for €6.50 a night with everything. It’s just out of the grounds of the huge and stunning Les Chateau Des Lumieres. We entered through the huge landscaped gardens and through its 3 arches into a front courtyard. The outside has the river around it, with stone archways and bridges. The town is famous for its embroidery and earthenware. The weather has been wet and windy, so we only had time for a quick look around. Tomorrow we head to Nancy and then Luxembourg