Vianden castle
Luxembourg city


Luxembourg city

Saturday and Sunday we decided to head to Luxembourg. Hearing they had cheap fuel, it was also a place we both hadn’t visited before. As we entered the country the fuel stations, all the same price at €1.10 a litre for diesel. LPG also 0.52c per litre, so we filled up. We drove not far to the town of Koerich. A free aire which also in the end had free electric. The bus stops right outside and a direct route into Luxembourg city. My friend Scott has lived here with his family for the last 8 years, so we decided to meet up in the city. The bus was great, taking dogs no problem. Scott was our fab tour guide for the afternoon. What a surprise Luxembourg city is, built on loads of plateaus, it truly is a lovely place. Stopping at a sports bar to watch Wales beat Ireland, we went on to catch the bus back. Sunday we drove to Scotts place and met up with the family. It was great to catch up and we learnt loads about Luxembourg. That afternoon Scott drove us to Vianden castle. A stunning castle built between the 11-14 century, the view down over the valleys beautiful. The river was so high after a small amount of rain. Controlled by dams its scary how high it was. Interesting facts we learnt about Luxembourg are. 500,000 people live in Luxembourg. With a further 200,000 driving in daily for work from surrounding countries. France, Belgium, & Germany. Children learn Luxembourgish, German ( age 6) and French (age 8) and later on english. I’ll never complain about learning a language again. Lots of companies are moving to Luxembourg as they have great tax incentives. Fuel, tobacco, alcohol in supermarkets are cheap. But food, eating and drinking out are really expensive. Public transport will be free from next year. Monday we drive to Belgium after this quick trip, ticking off another country.